Most Surprising

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Winner “Most Surprising” Short Film, Shunpo. What if we could escape our daily routine? Magically? In our imaginations? This surprising short film was shot in multiple locations with dancer Juliette Nicolotto. From director Steven Briand.

Ocean Ramsey

Ocean Ramsey is almost single-handedly redefining our relationship with great whites through her amazing conservation work at  She is profiled here by Banzai Betty Depolito.

Half Past 2012

Johannes Bergfors and friends live to skydive. And this was just the first half of 2012!

We Refuse to be Cold

New to each other, a couple vows not to be cold during the long Canadian winter. A Surprising film by Alexander “Sandy” Carson.

Freediving the dream

World class free diver Yasmin Dalkilic takes us inside her world in this awesome undersea habitat, Aquarius.

Rios Libres

Rios Libres is a movement in Chile to save the free running rivers of Patagonia from an ill conceived plan for hydroelectric dams. James Q Martin has done heroic filmmaking to bring this story to light.


Winner in the Berlin Music Video awards, Blister isn’t technically outside, but it sure is an adventure. And surprising. From filmmaker Miguel Endara. Got trust issues? Start with yourself…

Mountain biking in Ethopia

What do nine days mountain biking in Ethiopia look like? Juan Arbeloa and his friends show us in this short, smart video shot in the Simien Mountains.