Most Inspiring

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Swim 1000

Winner “Most Inspiring” Short Film. Swim 1000 is explorer Dave Cornthwaite’s remarkable thousand mile swim of the Missouri River, raising money to fight breast cancer.  From filmmaker Miguel Endara.

This is Africa

In March 2013, Benjamin Dowie took a trip to Uganda and Tanzania to visit his sister, who was volunteering there.  This is a glimpse of their time together in Africa.

The Greatest Adventure

How much heart can you pack into :57 seconds? Lots. Any awesome short-short about friends hitting the outdoors in Sweden, from Hannah Maia Taylor (Maia Media). Definitely inspiring.

Stillbirth & Surfing

One man’s remarkable journey through loss and healing, following the loss of his daughter.  From filmmaker & surfer Nathan Oldfield.  Powerful, moving, and ultimately quite sublime.

Ed Sobey on exploring

Ed Sobey participated in over two dozen scientific expeditions to every corner of the world.  He has authored 27 books, and might just have something to say about exploring…

Death Valley Dreamlapse

Gavin Heffernan (Sunchaser Pictures) ethereal looks at Death Valley via time lapse imagery.

It Starts Now – Alan Watts

An inspired and inspiring edit from “Tragedy and Hope” setting the brilliant philosopher Alan Watts to images that seem to bring out fresh meaning.

Mirror River

In “Mirror River” filmmaker Will Stauffer-Norris compresses his 113 day source-to-sea exploration of the Colorado River into 3 minutes. Beautiful, haunting and quite a statement without uttering a word.

Microadventure by bike

One man’s microadventure by through England by bike. Thanks to Simon Edwards, rider & filmmaker.

Grand Trunk Road

In this beautiful odyssey, Englishman Rupert Grey and his wife set off to cross India in an aging Rolls Royce and discover…

South: A Backpacking Adventure

This charming four and a half month backpacking adventure through Peru, Bolivia & Chile, comes to us from Yeti Adventure Films.  These guys dive deep.  Lots to show for it!

Brazil 9000

An American and Brit quit their jobs to undertake a 9000 mile human powered expedition across the length of Brazil. Brazil 9000 is soulful, wide-eyed, bold and… ongoing. Write them.

Trail to Anywhere

Is the courage to explore the same as the courage to create? Artists and explorers have long shared the same DNA, it seems in “Slice of 2012” from Benjamin Sadd (Trail to Anywhere).

Expedition Africa 2013

Expedition Africa 2013 was a 545km non-stop Adventure Race held in the Drakensberg mountains of South Africa. From Steven Freitag.

North Country Dreamland

North Country Dreamland might just be the most amazing display of northern lights we’ve ever seen. Captured by Shawn Malone of Lake Superior Photo.

World Expedition Gobi

Expedition Gobi is Ray Zahab & Kevin Lin’s ambitious 2,300 km run across the Gobi Desert.  Just the latest bold expedition for Ray, whose “Impossible2Possible” project asks all of us to look beyond our perceived limitations, and do more.

Back to Earth

Grab your bike, grab your friends, grab your bed roll.  Get out of the city.  Back to earth.  This is how it’s done.  From San Francisco filmmaker Jesus “Chin” Beltran.  El Zumpango!

Mountain of Greatness

In 2012, a small group of ultra runners ran the 160 miles it took to circle Kilimanjaro (Mountain of Greatness) learning a lot about themselves in the process.  From filmmaker Andrew King, D4 Prods.

Streams of Consequence

Streams of Consequence brings to light an epic battle by the people of Chile to prevent the damming of the pristine rivers of Patagonia.  From activist filmmaker James “Q” Martin & Rios Libres.

Mi madre me pregunta…

Juan Arbeloa’s mother always asks him, “Is it really necessary to go to Ethiopia to ride a bicycle?” This film is his answer. Stunningly photographed, brilliantly edited.

Touching the Sky

5 countries, 55,000 photographs and dozens of sleepless nights on some of the world’s highest peaks went into Elia Saikaly’s beautiful time lapse film.

Genghis Khan Polo Club

Hundreds of years ago, polo originated with the horsemen of the Mongolian steppe. Now, the Genghis Khan Polo Club is bringing it home. By filmmaker Gary Thomas.

Harrow School in Mongolia

What happens when a London prep school sends its team to Mongolia to play polo in the birthplace of equestrian arts? The companion film to “Genghis Khan Polo Club” from Gary Thomas.

Expedition Gobi – Walking 1600 km

How haunting is the desert? This absolutely hypnotic film about crossing the Gobi Desert on foot takes us there. From Emmanuel Berthier & MBC Prods.

Source of the Thames River

According to Alastair Humphreys, a microadventure is what can be achieved between going home from work and showing up the next day. Want to duck out of your job? Ollie Peart shows us how it’s done.