Most Innovative

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Further Up Yonder

Winner “Most Innovative” Short Film, Further Up Yonder is a debut film from student filmmaker Giacomo Sardelli. Created from transmissions and footage aboard the International Space Station (ISS). Highly innovative on many levels.

Mountain Biking in Nepal

After “innovating” in the high Himalayas, Gary Thomas pronounced that “Nepal is the future of mountain biking.”  See why in 6 min of astounding trail riding.

100 Flying Adventures

“100 Flying Adventures” submitted by Ney Grant for our Adventure Film Competition. “Most Innovative” Category.

Canyoneering in BC

Short teaser for “Down the Line” short film about cayoneering in British Columbia, by Francois-Xavier “Fix” De Ruydts.

Dan does Peru

Dan does Peru shows what happens when one man throws himself on the will of his “friends” to direct his adventure.

No Plans Just Life

Jamie Bowlby-Whiting hitchhiked through 24 countries, shooting 1006 images to produce this montage of his face on the road.

Plastic Bottle Kayaks

In May 2013, 25 youths descended New Zealand’s Whaganui River in kayaks fashioned from recycled plastic bottles.

Slow is Fast

A great skydiving video from Johannes Bergfors. Anyone who can play with our sense of gravity like this deserves to be in the “Most Innovative and Creative” category.