Life Without Borders

Call for Submissions - Series Pilot



We are letting you know about an awesome new opportunity that has grown out of Xpedition.TV. Something you’ll want to know about. It’s a new half hour adventure series for television called LIFE WITHOUT BORDERS.

The show is about people who have plugged into their true passions in life by going out and finding them. Sometimes outdoors, sometimes by deep cultural dives, innovation, invention. You get the idea. You know this world. Why not add your voice?


This will be a weekly show of short films, curated around a weekly theme that will tie different adventures together, and give filmmakers access to a much wider audience than they can find on their own.


Over the coming weeks, we are pulling together our pilot episode to show to network buyers. Parts of our recent short, Tom Sawyer on the Danube will be featured (watch here). And Fitz Cahall has graciously allowed portions of his award-winning short “The Road from Karakol” to be used, so we are in strong company indeed.

As you’ll see, our focus is on people rather than place; and on personal discoveries, not just what you did.


We are looking for 2 or 3 additional films (or segments) to round out the episode, which will be loosely shaped around the theme of “Confronting the Unexpected.” Additional themes/episodes are taking shape daily, so don’t be shy about contacting us. More on what we’re looking for (below).


All curation, post-production, additional interviews, voice-over, and music to produce the pilot is being done at our expense. The finished pilot will not be shown or streamed publicly, without first coming back to you to negotiate the rights to do so.

As you know, film festivals and accolades are nice. But pulling short films together under an umbrella like this, we think is the best way for indie filmmakers like us to find the audience we’d like, and the renumeration we need.


A passion project of 4 min, or 8 min or even 20 min – no matter how good – has very little value to television. But a regular, reliably awesome series of 30 minute episodes DOES have value. This is the opportunity we’re building and why we hope you’ll want to participate. Please let us hear from you as soon as possible. We are making our presentations in the fall, so time is short.

* * *


Life Without Borders seeks to share real stories of people who look past the status quo of what “should” or “shouldn’t” make them happy; and blaze a trail for themselves. Perhaps showing us ways to do the same.

This is primarily a show about people. What they learn about themselves or about the world or how to live in it.

Only a few of us really care how a man climbs a mountain. But all of us can be brought to care about someone who puts everything they have at risk, to pursue a dream.


You certainly don’t need to have all of these elements in place to work with us. More is better, but this is what WE do. In fact, it’s the whole reason behind the series. To help filmmakers really soar.


From all we’ve seen (and we’ve seen a LOT), the single biggest failure among adventure filmmakers is a failure to turn the camera inward. To find the human drama that will make their story resonate – widely.

For nearly twenty years, filmmaker Ric Gibbs has written movies and created television for major studios and producers across Hollywood (see his bio). Stories of real life adventure are what he loves the most (it’s the whole reason he founded Xpedition.TV). If anyone can help you pull the most powerful narrative out of your story – we can. Think of us as your best editor/collaborator. The one who understands the gold you have. And can even tease out some things you’ve missed.

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