The Soul of Adventure, Wafia Nazreen

Film Review “Wasfia”

There is something so refreshing when you find an adventure film as well made as “Wasfia.” Named for its intrepid world explorer Wasfia Nazreen, the film played recently at MountainFilm in Telluride and appeared online last week on Nat Geo’s youtube channel, which recognized her as one of their Emerging Explorers. The recognition doesn’t go nearly far enough.

The pitch? First woman from Bangladesh to climb the Seven Summits. Which we all know is no small feat, but it doesn’t begin to cover the personal odyssey and remarkable inner transformation that is on display through every frame of this short film. Wasfia is so much more than a mountain climber. She’s a true inspiration (I know, the word has become a cliche, but not when it’s true!) for a segment of the population that really doesn’t have one of their own walking these paths. Bangladeshi girls, take heart. Wasfia has done you proud. There is more curiosity, courage, and heart in this woman than I have seen captured on film in a looooooong time.


Directed by Sean Kusanagi, beautifully shot, and narrated entirely by Wasfia, the film evokes a moving, deeply personal, yet remarkable universal journey of surrender. Highly recommended viewing.