Seb Montaz


As if we needed any more reason to love this filmmaker, Seb Montaz delivers this extraordinary vision of possibility. He and his crew of gravity defying “skyliners” decide to try highlining between two hot air balloons. Has anyone else done this? Are you kidding?! Has anyone else even IMAGINED it? Don’t think so. But that’s the magic of this crew. They are that rare combination of artist, explorer, prankster and storyteller. And no one else is doing anything like them. Here’s their newly released short film that lays out exactly what we mean:

As if you couldn’t tell, this gang LOVES what they do. They love pushing the limits. They love flying, they love falling. Where else would you see someone raise such applause and laughter by falling from a highline thousands of feet in the air? It’s expected. It’s encouraged. When you’re living this far out on the ledge of life – failure simply means that you’re doing your job. Could anyone be more ALIVE than this group? It’s hard to imagine.

julien millot

skyliner Julien Millot

If you’re not familiar with the films of Seb Montaz, you’re in for a treat. Beginning with the award winning “I Believe I Can Fly,” they are probably the most captivating adventure cinema out there. And not just for the aerial stunts. Seb is much more of a filmmaker than that. He captures character. He tells deep stories of loss and redemption. “One Step Beyond” and “Summits of My Life” are personal favorites that offer profound insights and healing by those who have dared and failed and dared again.

NOTE: you can find ALL of Seb’s films on his website and you should buy every one of them! For the price of a Starbucks latte, you’ll be supporting an amazing filmmaker and a real force for exploration. And the films are amazing. This is true indy cinema. It doesn’t get more independent that this. Or more extraordinary.

The Skyliners are: Julien Millot, Tancrede Melet, Antoine Moineville, Sebastien Brugalla, Freddy Montigny, Anicet Leone, and Sébastien Montaz-Rosset.