The Amazing Odyssey of Roz Savage

Expeditions of Roz Savage

Expeditions of Roz Savage

Roz Savage is an ocean rower, adventurer and now, quite an excellent adventurer journalist.

You know you’ve been on the ocean awhile when you’re on a first name basis with your oars. “Magic bendy oar; splintered loom oar,” and so on. Or when the discovery of an unused roll of duct tape is better than a bottle of champagne. Or when you begin referring to yourself in the 3rd person. “Knowing Roz as I do…” reads one particularly good expedition post from her Atlantic crossing.

Roz Savage photo by Elena Zhukova

Roz Savage photo by Elena Zhukova

The story of Roz Savage is such of story of grit and determination, such a story of deep personal discovery and accomplishment, that she’d be well within her rights to kick back on her laurels for awhile. First woman to row solo across the Pacific. First and only woman to row across all three of the world’s biggest (Atlantic, Pacific & Indian) oceans. National Geographic Adventurer of the Year. More than 15,000 miles. Some 5 million oar strokes. Rowed solo across the Atlantic during the worst hurricane season on record. We could go on. But Roz is a Brit after all. Doing what Brits do best. Deflecting any surplus of praise and turning her spotlight on others.


And so we luck out. Because Roz has launched a new podcast series, creating a forum for others to shine.

Roz Savage, photo by Doug de Mark

Roz Savage, photo by Doug de Mark

Only a couple of months old, Roz Savage’s Adventure Podcast has become one of my favorite sources to learn – not just who’s moving and shaking in the world of outdoor adventure – but more keenly, what makes these explorers tick.

It’s Roz’ background that puts her on a unique footing with her guests. Regardless of their sport or achievement, there’s a bond and a level of insight that she brings, putting her guests at ease and, frankly, getting the best out of them. They feel it. We feel it. She’s been out there. She knows what questions to ask. And in ways that are never fawning.

From (Xpedition.TV Film Award Winner) Dave Cornthwaite, she teases out his philosophy of creating a “long term happiness model” for your life.

From long distance cyclist Tom Allen, she coaxes a rule that ALL adventure filmmakers should live by.

“Film yourself when you least want to.
Film others until you get punched in the face.”

From Roz’ interview with photographer Daniel Fox comes a frank discussion about the need for environmentalists to let go of their messages of shame and scolding, if they ever hope to motivate any real change in behavior.

Guys, these aren’t podcasts filled with chest-thumping world records. These are smart, thought provoking conversations with truly accomplished explorers, presented by a woman who really knows how to dig out the jewels.

Check out one or two of them (iTunes link). If you’re like me, and find yourself commuting to work each day, load them onto your smartphone. You will NOT find a better use of 30 minutes. They’ll inspire you. They’ll put fuel in your tank. They may even set you on an unexpected adventure of your own, a path towards a bigger, bolder self. And what could be more fulfilling than that?

Want more?

Check out Roz’ inspiring TED Talk. Or get all her information, first hand at