Expedition Gobi – Walking 1600 km

How haunting is the desert? This absolutely hypnotic film about crossing the Gobi Desert on foot takes us there. From Emmanuel Berthier & MBC Prods.

Harrow School in Mongolia

What happens when a London prep school sends its team to Mongolia to play polo in the birthplace of equestrian arts? The companion film to “Genghis Khan Polo Club” from Gary Thomas.

Genghis Khan Polo Club

Hundreds of years ago, polo originated with the horsemen of the Mongolian steppe. Now, the Genghis Khan Polo Club is bringing it home. By filmmaker Gary Thomas.

World Expedition Gobi

Expedition Gobi is Ray Zahab & Kevin Lin’s ambitious 2,300 km run across the Gobi Desert. ┬áJust the latest bold expedition for Ray, whose “Impossible2Possible” project asks all of us to look beyond our perceived limitations, and do more.