Our Vote for “Adventurer of the Year”

Shannon Galpin

Shannon Galpin in Afghanistan. photo by Tony Di Zinno

Today is the last day to vote for your favorite “Adventurer of the Year.” And before we get into that, a BIG shout-out to National Geographic for putting together this list of ten truly awesome adventurers.

Half Dome by Renan Ozturk

Half Dome by Renan Ozturk. See his art at http://renanozturk.sites.livebooks.com/

I have learned so much from reading up on these men and women… There isn’t a single one that failed to impress. Renan with his amazing multi-faceted art and climbing career, Felix for his sheer chutzpah and pioneering spirit, David Lama & Mike Libecki, climbers at their finest and with such spirit! Steve Fisher for opening my eyes to the utter majesty of “the river.” Josh for being pure inspiration on a mountain – and off. Jeremy for continuing to open new territories, new opportunities in backcountry snow. Ramon for extraordinary action on the waves – and off. Lizzy who gives new meaning to the word tenacity.

shannon galpin

Shannon Galpin founded “Mountain2Mountain” to help women & children in conflict zones.

And finally, to Shannon Galpin, pictured here in Afghanistan, who may not be breaking new sports records, but who has clearly taken her adventure – and her life – deep into uncharted territory, helping women in war zones. I’m just so blown away by her courage, walking that path, with no guarantees, no end in sight. Only her conscience as compass. May we all be so bold! Among an extraordinary group of ten, she has our vote today!

p.s.  Shannon hasn’t asked, but I’m SURE she could use a helping hand for her Mountain2Mountain organization.  So check our her Facebook page.  Send some love!

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