The Imagination of JP Auclair

About six years ago, Canadian freeskier JP Auclair teamed up with Sherpa Cinema to produce one of the most memorable ski videos I’ve ever seen.  It appeared with the ordinary title: JP Auclair Street Segment (from All.I.Can) but it was anything but ordinary. I refuse to spoil it for you here, because if you haven’t seen it, nothing I can say would do it justice.

Tragically, JP passed in an avalanche in Chile in 2014, but last year skier Tom Wallisch and Sherpa revisited the streets of Nelson, BC for this homage to a great man.

To take nothing away from the original 2011 short film, with its gutsy, urban ski bravado, this newest version has something the original lacked: a witness to the magic. A kid, like you and me, stuck in the back seat of his parents car and painfully ordinary life, until something extraordinary unfolds. And the best part? Nobody else even sees it.

For that’s what ‘Imagination’ is all about isn’t it? Seeing what’s not there for other people?  And what a perfect job they did. Great film, guys!

For the rest of you… kick back and get ready for the return of some real magic.