How Xpedition.TV's Challenge Awards can launch your adventure.


Xpedition.TV is a new channel, created to make adventures possible. And to share those stories through great filmmaking.

We do this by organizing various “challenge awards” for adventurers to win funding for their passion projects from sponsors who want to align themselves with teams doing amazing things.

What’s a Challenge Award?

It’s a pool of funds (made available by sponsors) for explorations on a particular theme. We define the theme. You tell us what you would do with it. Then you, our COMMUNITY votes on whose idea gets funded.

One more reason to JOIN!

Beginning this year, challenge awards will be organized across various themes, such as:

laura dekker show off her passport stamps.

Dutch sailor Laura Dekker, youngest to circumnavigate the globe at 16.

First of a Kind Expeditions
Innovations Within a Sport
Long Distance Challenges
Personal Breakthroughs
(where those breakthroughs open doors for others).


* * *

We are not looking for stunts. Or things you can do in a weekend. An “Xpedition” must present a difficult challenge, taking you OUT of the familiar, where you might not succeed. But the journey will transform you. And your story has the capacity to transform others.


As you read this, we are designing our next “Challenge Award” which will be open to teams of adventurers to undertake an expedition along a particular theme.


We’ve put a simple ballot on our Facebook page. Go there. Mark the Challenge Award that most appeals to you, so we know where to put our energy in making it happen.


The more people join us, the faster this all happens and the bigger the challenges we can offer. So…join Xpedition.TV. You can share your skills and interests. Plus you’ll be the first one notified when our Challenge Awards go live!

For adventure filmmakers, subscribe to our Xpedition.TV on Youtube. Winners of our Our EMERGING TALENT FILMMAKERS’ CHALLENGE have already been named for this season (see winners) but we are preparing the next opportunity for everyone. So be sure to subscribe to be the first notified.

You can also speed things along by joining us on Facebook and by spreading the word to anyone who loves getting outside and making things happen!

Sasha DiGiulian, first woman to climb 5.14d.

Sasha DiGiulian, first woman to climb 5.14d.