Film Competition Wraps


Adventure Film Competition Update

By any measure we can think of, our first filmmaker challenge has been a big success, eclipsing all expectations.


Our first sponsor, Goal Zero, stepped up when almost nobody had ever heard of us. And truthfully, their solar gear is a perfect fit for adventure filmmakers. Honestly, I’m wondering how people ever stayed charged up before these guys came along?


Adventure filmmakers also stepped up in a BIG way. Nearly sixty films are competing in 3 categories, with entries jumping every border. From here in Los Angeles, all the way to Chile & Patagonia. Hawaii, New Zealand, Oz. China, India, Nepal, Turkey – all over Africa. If you have any doubt the adventure community is global, spend a minute surveying our 3 new video galleries: Most Inspiring Adventures, Most Innovative Adventures and Most Surprising Adventures. This is where you’ll find all contenders.





Beyond the robust response to our film competition, the QUALITY of these films has floored us. I have said time and again since setting Xpedition.TV in motion – THERE IS NO SUBSTITUTE FOR PASSION in the pursuit of one’s dreams. And together with the cinematic chops many of you have displayed? There are just some magical moments on display!


For us at Xpedition.TV, the real windfall has been getting on a first-name basis with so many great filmmakers. Getting to know your strengths and your focus is invaluable as we set in motion our next phase of challenge awards and real world expeditions. We have friends now in every corner of this planet and in every sport and skill.


Okay, forgive a brief plug here but… MEMBERS FUEL EVERYTHING. By JOINING, you not only endorse us, you make it possible for us to advocate for you! And gather the sponsors to launch new opportunities. You also put yourself ON THE SHORT LIST for future projects. So join us, like us, follow us. It all helps!

Fitz Cahall photo courtesy

Fitz Cahall photo courtesy

director Ryan Suffern

director Ryan Suffern

Judging for the film competition begins July 16, right after submissions close. And we’ve assembled a small panel of BIG talent to help. Many of you already know Fitz Cahall from his awesome films (35, and Strong) as well as his writings for National Geographic and his terrific podcast series, The Dirtbag Diaries. Fitz and I are joined by…

Ryan Suffern, director of Running Blind, editor on Bidder 70 and Right to Play, and creative director at the Kennedy Marshall Company here in Los Angeles. We’re reaching out to a couple others, but be assured, we all have a passion and understanding for great adventure films.


That’s it! THREE brand new video galleries are open! Put together, these films account for HOURS of highly original, sometimes crazy, and totally awesome adventure videos. They’re viewable right here (see “videos” menu above) OR on our channels on Vimeo and on Youtube.

An adventure not shared is an adventure not complete. This is the place. This is Xpedition.TV