Dave Cornthwaite Expedition 1000

Dave Cornwaite on Expedition #9 in Chile

Dave Cornwaite on Expedition #9 in Chile

One of our favorite explorers Dave Cornthwaite has done it again! Last night, he completed his 9th of the 25 human powered expeditions he has envisioned for his EXPEDITION 1000 PROJECT.

Number 9 is now in the books! This one on a new sail-powered recumbent bicycle called a “Whike” (wind + bike). The expedition took Dave and two friends across Chile and into the Atacama Desert, the driest place on earth and one with a lot of WIND!

Here is the video he just posted on his facebook page. It’s pretty awesome.

(This video is from Dave’s Facebook page. Follow his link to see more).

For those of you who don’t know Dave, we’ve written about him before on Xpedition.TV. He and Miguel Endara captured our award for Most Inspiring Adventure Film last summer for his 1000 mile swim down the Missouri River. Swim 1000.

The central goal of Expedition 1000 is that all 25 expedition must exceed 1000 miles, and all must use a different form of non-motorized transport.

On this particular expedition, Dave was joined by explorers Ned Aufenast, inventor of the Whike, and Jamie Fulbrook, founder of Only Bloody Human, an adventure travel site.

For us, half the fun is watching what crazy transport system Dave will dream up next!
Check our Dave’s Facebook Page for all the latest info on this one. It’s pretty unique and as always, super inspiring. Congratulations guys!