Ric Gibbs

Xpedition.TV founder Ric Gibbs profiled on why Adventure is universal.
Ric Gibbs Basque Country

Ric Gibbs País Vasco (Basque country)

Author, traveler, founder and ‘chief adventurer’ at Xpedition.TV, Ric Gibbs began this project with an 18 year career in the film and television industry in Los Angeles. Writing for such well known producers as James Cameron & Jon Landau, Mark Wahlberg & Mel Gibson, Lawrence Bender, Joel Silver, Gale Anne Hurd. And for Paramount, Universal, Cinergi/Disney, USA, FOX, NBC and Warner Brothers.

“I’ve written in every kind of genre, but I always circle back to one theme. Adventure. I love adventure. I’m not an adrenalin junkie and you probably couldn’t get me up Everest with a winch, but I looooooove adventure… I love reading about them. I love watching them. And I especially love going on them!

I think breaking past our supposed “limits” is the most awesome thing anyone can do. If you blaze a trail for someone else in the process, so much the better. Because humans are hardwired for challenge. And you can’t know how much you’re capable of until you cut the ropes that bind you to what you already know.

Ric Gibbs with Joni Cooper, Banff

Ric Gibbs with Banff Mountain Film Festival Director Joni Cooper 2012

A graduate of Northwestern University’s School of Communications, Gibbs stamped his passport right out of high school, and has been hitting the road whenever possible ever since. “For me, travel has always been the great teacher. There’s nothing like the perspective it brings you, especially during in-depth stays, where you really absorb a new culture. Where you learn the language, take a job, forge real friendships. Learn how they see their world, and especially how they see ours.”

The Opportunity

What I see in the adventure community is a ton of raw talent. Explorers and adventurers these days pack a GoPro before they pack anything else. The result is volumes and volumes of amazing footage, often without telling the story of what got them there in the first place! Or how it transformed them? Or what it can teach somebody else? Great images can be forgotten. Great stories resonate forever. They guide us. They transmit our experience, our screw-ups, our wisdom.

Cory Richards from the movie "Cold."

Climber Cory Richards aftert surviving an avalanche while summiting Gasherbrum II in winter. From his film “Cold” with Anson Fogel. One of the best, most complete adventure films in recent years.

What’s the most famous relic we have from ancient Greece? The cradle of western civilization, what do we remember? It’s not the Parthenon. It’s not even Plato’s Republic. It’s two adventure stories by Homer, the Iliad and the Odyssey. Stories. That’s it. That’s what lasts.

Great storytelling isn’t the same as great athleticism. And it’s frequently the missing piece of the journey. It’s not enough to just go. It’s not enough to capture awesome footage. We need a vessel to carry these stories when we return. To help shape all this raw material into stories of resonance. Xpedition.TV can be this vessel. It’s what we’ve designed it to be.


11 year old Faizila, among the first generation of girls to ever learn to skateboard in Afghanistan, thanks to Oliver Percovich & his organization, Skateistan.

What I love about Adventure is that it’s universal. It transcends language. It transcends time and culture. Our triumph over adversity – whatever form that adversity takes – is the one thing all humans celebrate. Xpedition.TV is dedicated to making this happen for people. And to show others how it can happen for them.