Xpedition.TV is…

… a passionate, independent collective of outdoor adventurers & filmmakers. We’re determined to explore our world, to innovate, to smash our limits, and to challenge everyone to do MORE, with us.


To make bold new adventures possible, and to share those stories through great filmmaking.

To show everyone more of what is possible in life!

How it works

We do this by organizing various “Challenge Awards” where adventurers can win funding for their passion projects from sponsors who want to align themselves with people doing amazing things.

What’s a Challenge Award?

It’s a pool of funds and resources, made available by sponsors for explorations on a particular theme. Themes like “Long Distance Journeys” or “First of its Kind Adventures” or “New Sports & Innovations, etc.”

There are also Filmmaker Challenges, like the ones we just awarded for completed adventure videos (see galleries).

We define the theme, you tell us what your team can do with it. Our XpeditionTV community (join here) picks the best proposals and off you go!

Teams must include at least one qualified filmmaker, so that the experience can be shared with everyone.

Why an “Xpedition”?

Because real breakthroughs don’t happen at home. They happen when you commit to the unknown. When you take bold action. When you undertake a plan that might totally fail…

…because even failure won’t matter. The journey will transform you. And your story has the power to transform others.