5Point Film Festival

Okay! We’re going! We’ve only been hearing about 5Point Film Festival for years. Now we’re finally committed.

Egged on by our colleague Fitz Cahall, we are super-stoked to make the trip out in April. From what we hear, this is fast becoming THE preferred venue for new adventure films. And has a strong, filmmaker friendly community that puts their money where their ideals are. Fitz’ “Road from Karakol” was a favorite at 5Point last year, winning top awards.

We’re also coming out to introduce filmmakers to our upcoming tv series “LIFE WITHOUT BORDERS.” A kind of showcase for indie adventure films and the very human stories that lay behind them. This is a BIG passion project that’s looking closer and closer to fruition. (After 18 loooooong months!) Can’t wait to tell people about it! More news as we get closer!