5 Adventure Films you must see this summer


Okay, we know. It’s summer. Who has time for adventure films? You’re either on the road, or gearing up, so why now?

Oh please! Since when don’t we have time for a few minutes of high-value INSPIRATION? To pound the pulse in our veins? Stoke the belly, and maybe even fill our chests?

From 5Points, MountainFilm and festivals beyond… here are the top 5 Adventure Films you must see this summer!

#5 “A Tribute to Discomfort: Cory Richards” from Blue Chalk

Photographer extraordinaire Cory Richards reflects on the long road that has brought him to the far corners of the world – and what he learned there.

Awesome! Show me the rest!

#4 “Dream” by filmmaker Skip Armstrong

a newbie kayaker’s first day in the river – turns magic.

#3 “The Important Places” from Forest Woodward and Gnarly Bay

“Most Inspiring Story” 5Points Film Festival 2015. Filmmaker Forest Woodward enters a voyage of self discovery by recreating a rafting trip his father took, long before Forest was ever born.

#2 “Tying the Knot” by Kyle Duba

You want creative weddings? Try topping this!

#1 “Denali” by Ben Moon and Ben Knight

Winner “Best of Festival” and “Audience Award” at 5Points this year, this may be the greatest “boy and his dog” film ever made. And NUMBER ONE on our list of adventure films to see this summer!